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        short story extract read by Hazel McIntyre


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        Release 2002***

Echoes of Another Time combines fiction

        and memoir in this compelling, evocative collection of stories set in




Hazel McIntyre skillfully lets us into a rural world of wakes, weddings,

        funerals, dances, missions and much more.



This delightful, uplifting and often funny glimpse of life in another

        time is sure to appeal to the better instincts of all who read it


"Hazel McIntyre's writing is firmly based on her memories of

        a Donegal childhood. She writes with good humour and a quiet conviction

        that what is generous in the human spirit can keep us safe. However, she

        does not shirk from unsentimentally describing the destructiveness of

        the narrow and unforgiving mind. She remembers a shared time, and shared

        experience. She writes with a determination that this will not be forgotten

        or denied."

        Susan McKay Sunday Tribune

Hazel McIntyre will launch her first talking

      book Echoes of Another Time in April 2002. Hazel's soft Donegal

      accent and gentle voice bring alive the humanity, spirit and humour of her

      evocative memoir.