among the people and places of Hazel Mc Intyre's childhood, 'Iron Wheels

      On Rocky Lanes' willevoke many memories   and bring laughter and

      tears to the eyes of the reader. Every rural communityin Ireland will relate

      to the characters and events which unfold on each new page. Appealing to

      all, this book truly has something for everyone

These writings

        are loving evocations of a childhood spent in Donegal. They capture the

        innocence of that time, its sudden and compelling enthusiasms, its sadness

        and silences, its pleasures and dismays, and, above all, the rare gift

        of having been brought up in a small loving  community. These are

        accurately drawn pictures, but they also act as evocations of a warm 

        community as memory does its magical work of transformation    

         Professor Robert Welch: University of Ulster




        is a good storyteller. She carries the reader along with her adding to

        what might  seem a common experience, a special quality. Her sensitivity,

        her imagination and her empathy give to each episode a deep and wide element

        of perception. Like a laser beam she enters deeply into the human psyche.

        Here is a book one can recommend whole-heartedly to everyone interested

        in human nature in all its moods. 

        Brian Bonner: Author and Historian                                               



        first book ‘Iron Wheels On Rocky Lanes’ recalling her Donegal

        childhood, was published in 1994 to outstanding critical ovation. The

        following are just a sample of what the newspaper critics had to say.



        cozy friendly style in which hazel writes takes you into her world with

        such ease and confidence thatyou almost feel you know the events intimately.

        Humor, sadness, happy days, it’s all there and more. An excellent


        Conny Duffy - Donegal Democrat



        accounts, drawn from the everyday experiences of childhood are touching

        and moving, the prose evocative and lively. It is a tribute to Hazel McIntyre’s

        talent that her accounts are deeply poignant one moment yet heart-warming

        and uplifting the next. It is to be highly recommended."

        Robert Love - Donegal People’s Press and Irish




        captures the innocence of the age as she grew up in the Donegal of the

        fifties The most charming and entertaining of the present books of the

        same genre currently on the Market."

        Roy Winter - Telegraph.



        tales and memories are written in a straightforward way, giving the work

        a personal touch. There are however plenty of twists and turns in the

        comic yet touching stories. It’s a most enjoyable read, further enhanced

        by some thought-provoking-poetry."

         John Bradbery - The Irish News                                                                      



        forget reading for yourself yarns like the one, in that age of respect

        for the professional man, when the new doctor tentatively pronounced as

        dead a man who had fallen from a ladder; the supine victim was of a different

        opinion and groaned. "I’m not dead," only to be put firmly in

        his place by a bystander. "Oh, will you shut up. do you thing you

        know better than the doctor?



        pieces are innocent and warm, sometimes reflectively sad and always filled

        with love."

        Terry Sharkie - News Letter

        ‘Iron Wheels on Rocky Lanes’ also received an outstanding

        review and recommendation on the ‘Gay Byrne Show’ RTE.

        Second level students in Ireland have used her writings as a textbook,

        and she has followed this up by giving talks to the students.