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    on the Breeze

Secrets On The Breeze the second volume in   Hazel McIntyre's acclaimed rural trilogy, (following on from For love of Mary   Kate) is an outstanding storytelling achievement packed with intriguing   characters which holds the attention to the very end.

    From Dublin and Donegal to the streets of New York and Canada, the lives of   four women are changed irrevocably by love, fear and dark secrets that they must   keep.

out of print


    of Another Time

Echoes of Another Time is the Culdaff writers fourth book in which she recalls   her child hood memories of growing up in Inishowen in the late 1950's and 60s   and mixed it with a little bit of fiction to weave a compelling collection of   stories.

out of print


    Love of Mary Kate

A   compelling saga of love and courage spanning three generationsBorn illegitimate   in a convent in 1920's rural Ireland, her mother banished to new York to save   the family name, little Mary Kate Quinn's future seems bleak. To keep a hastily   made promise to her daughter, Sara Quinn rescues her granddaughter from the fate   of the orphanage.Driven to seek refuge in the rambling old house of her former   employer Sara begins a new life. With patience and love Sara and Mary Kate   transform the lives of its inhabitants.Meanwhile Maura Quinn has become a nanny   in New York. She falls in love with Andrew, and rather than reveal the past she   returns home to be reunited with her daughter. Back in Ireland Maura is torn   between her child and the man she left in New York..

out of print


    in the Wind

With a   keen ear for the rolling echoes of history, Hazel McIntyre brings to life a   vivid  and unforgettable gallery of colorful characters. When career woman Mary   Thompson is entrusted with the diaries of cassie O Connor, she is driven to tell   her story. Cassie's story begins with her early childhood in an   Ireland of famine, eviction and emigration. Following her father's death Cassie   and her mother are forced to seek shelter in the workhouse rife with fever and   death. Marcia Briggs, daughter of the local clergyman rescues them.They begin a   new life at the rectory, were Cassie acts as unpaid servant to "the Madam" who   despises her. Feeling rejected by a mother who hardly seems to notice her   existence, she learns more and more on Marcia for the affection she craves.Out   of the time of turmoil, confusion and exile on a famine ship to Canada, emerges   a love story told with intense and sympathetic realism -'Lament in the   Wind' with live long in the memory of the reader. rare books ISBN 0-952426-1-2



out of print


    Wheels on Rocky Lanes

Set among the people and   places of Hazel Mc Intyre's childhood, 'Iron Wheels On Rocky Lanes' willevoke   many memories   and bring laughter and tears to the eyes of the reader. Every   rural communityin Ireland will relate to the characters and events which unfold   on each new page. Appealing to all, this book truly has something for   everyone

out of print


            Bourne on the Wind

In this, her sixth   book, Hazel McIntyre lets us into her heart and mind; what is so extraordinary   is the care with which Hazel McIntyre tells the story of the people and events   she admires and respects. A historical novelist is a unique kind of patriot: a   believer in the Irish way of life who loves it so much that she can talk of the   very best and the very worst of our past. In this book, Hazel lets us into the   Inishowen of the 1820’s and 30’s through the eyes of her ancestors. It shows us   her love of the land, and most of all, her love of the people, all of the   people, who have shaped our Island of Ireland over the centuries. - Here is a rich, carefully researched, panoramic novel of the history of a   people, magnificently executed, by a storyteller whose masterpiece this book   unquestionably is.  J.H.

 out of print